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2011 is nearing its end. Being the International Year of Forests, it has been an important year for the forests. World over events and activities celebrated ‘Forests for People.’ And that sure must have left people much more aware of the vital role of forests in our life and the critical state that they are in.

But with the festivities of Christmas and New Year knocking at our doors, will forests be still our priority? What will happen in the year 2012, when even the International Year of Forests saw its share of axed trees? These questions need to be answered. And we need to arrive on the answers before it’s too late.

We need to understand how important healthy nature is for our survival on this planet. And that it is the best time to realize that our planet is our duty. And no world organization or body can be assigned to control the damages that we keep doing to our planet on a daily basis.

Let’s join hands together and save what we are left with.