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The amount of development mankind has seen in the past two centuries is greater than anything we have had before. This growth, however, has come with a cost. Today we are racing against time to rectify the harm that we have done under the name of development. It is essential to take swift actions involving the participation of masses. Therefore, it’s vital to conceive ideas that are simple enough for everyone to practice.

One such idea is Minus One.

By adopting Minus One, millions of trees can be saved every year. All it requires is to reduce the font size by 1 before taking a print out. That’s it! An idea that’s simple enough to understand and execute by anyone and anywhere.

Here’s how: A 39 page document reduces to 32 pages once the font size is reduced from 11 to 10. That’s an 18% reduction in paper consumption. At this rate, approximately 21 billion sheets of paper can be saved every year.

So now people can take all the printouts they want while contributing for a greener tomorrow. Applied at global levels we can save thousands of hectares of our invaluable forests while sitting in the comfort of our home, office or school.

To know more about Minus One, visit: www.minusonepoject.com. And when you are there don’t forget to help the forests by taking the Minus One Pledge.